our Story

The story of Rochelle and I (Floris) goes back to 2008. I was doing my internship abroad (in South Africa) and was living with three other housemates next to Rochelle's mother. In November we first met. What seemed as a good friendship at first, grew into falling in love.

Even though the long distance was a challenge we were up for it. The following five years, while both still studying, we made sure that we could see each other each holiday. In total we flew more than 150 000 km to be together.

The long distance ended in 2013 when Rochelle moved to the Netherlands. In the winter of 2015, Rochelle went back to South Africa for three weeks. It made me realise that she means the world to me. So when she boarded her flight back, I phoned my sweet South African mother, Joy, to ask for her permission.

Considering we're getting married, the conclusion of this story is easy. We picked a beautiful venue in scenic Stellenbosch because we always had the promise: we will get married in the country of the one that had to move.

We look forward to spending the start of our happily ever after with you!

With love,
Floris and the love of my life, Rochelle

Floris and Rochelle